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Friday 26 October 2012

Guest Columnist - Ask Imbi! From "Little Monster Alfie"

Hi Ms. Noodle Brains,

My name is Alfie and I am 1 year old. I have SO much happy energy! My mommy lovingly calls me a little monster. Whenever I see a person, I try to jump on them. I just love people so much and I love getting attention. If my mommy tries to prevent me from jumping, I cry.

Aside from my jumping, I also like to nibble on hands. I don't bite hard, but sometimes I get so excited that I try to hold people's hands in my mouth. Because of this a lot of people are afraid of me, especially kids. My energy levels are so high that I just can't control my happiness. It starts with a tail wag, then a full body wag, then I start jumping and then the hand nibbling.

My mommy has tried to help me through exercise. We play a lot after work (I have lots of toys), we go on walks, and we go to the dog park as often as possible (usually just weekends because mommy works late). But I am like an energizer bunny!

How can I control my energy and make people not afraid of me? I will try anything!!!

Little Monster Alfie

PS- my mommy and I love you Mr. Van Winkle and Ms. Noodle Brains. We love hearing about starving times and bacon;)

‘’Hurro Arofie,
Disth isth Noodle Bwainsth. Fankths for disth retter, my mum weadsth it to me and den I fink about when I was a wittle baby and lubbed to do dosthe kindsth of fingsth too. I fink mumsth hab a worry too many timesth becausthe we are duthst lubbing dem. Anyraysth, I hab to ret mum do her typing wordsth for me now causthe mine ringrish isthn’t berry dood on disth teeboard.’’

So mum tell Arofie this information...no mum don’t write everything I says..’’oh ok Noodle Brains.’’

Noodle Brains wants to say that when she was jumping all over her guests, it was so much fun to hear them giggle and scream and wave their hands in the air and jump backwards and nearly fall over, but then mum wrecked the games and started telling our friends not to do those fun things anymore. She told them to turn away from me and not make fun screaming noises with their hands in the air, she even sayed don’t look into mine eyes! After a while I thought it was just a joke, but the peoples kept doing this to me and I thought it was so boring, so I thought I would get them back by not giving them all my fun love, so there! The strangest thing started to happen, they started to love me again and pat me...I do love to be loved...do you?

Exercise is the most funnest thing to do to get all those frustrating times out. Mum just said that you are only one year old...I remember when I was one year old, I could hear what my mum was saying, but there were just too many exciting things in the world to see and do, so I only started listening to her once I was a big girl and was used to all the new things.  

I like to think of my mum as my mirror, if she feels happy and excited, I will feel the same, if she is sad and frustrated I get sad and nervous. So tell your mum to have a relaxing time when you have friends come over and if they ignore you, don’t worry, peoples can’t resist your cute smiles and waggly tail for too long and you will have them wrapped around your little paw ;)

“Thso disth isth dustht thsome fingths you tan twy. I hope you tan underthstand my mumsth wordsth tausthe she doesthn’t thspeak Dogglesth bery dood. Hey, while my mum isth out of disth officthe, do fink you could thspare a thstarbing Gwippney thsome of your foodsth, my mum doesthn’t hab many foodsth here and I isth bery thstarbing...OH CWAP, here she comesth, dot to wun, bye.’’paw print for Maggie.jpgchoc.jpgpink.jpg

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