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Sunday 14 October 2012

The 13 Project

 The 13 Project - by Pretty Fluffy


The 13 Project is a Pretty Fluffy initiative that involves 13 acts of kindness towards animals before 2013. Inspired by my involvement in last year’s 12 before 2012 project, I wanted to make the tail end of 2012 count. We have exactly 13 weeks left of this year, so what better way of embarking on a list of 13 achievable and worthy goals before the year is out.

To join, all you have to do is come up with a list of up to 13 ways you can help animals before the end of 2012. You don’t need to be a millionaire, you don’t need to have a website, or be a member of a rescue organisation…All you need is the desire to make a difference. If you’re time poor, make your list just one goal – or 3 or 5 things."
When I heard of the 13 project I knew I wanted to be a part of it - but I was a little skeptical about how much I could actually do to help animals. For one person to make a big difference is an impossible task, but then I realised something. The idea of the 13 project is not for one person to make a whole lot of difference, but for a whole lot of people to make a difference for even one animal. Whether it be walking or playing with a shelter dog or even adopting one into your life, there are a vast number of ways we can all help out.

Before I launch into details on Digby's Bacon Drive, I'd like to share the rest of my list first. It's not much, but that's the great thing - it doesn't have to be. I've only got five and they are nothing compared to what other people are doing, but they're meaningful and achievable and that's the main thing.

These are my goals for the 13 project...

1. Donate Digby's old toys to a worthy animal rescue organisation.
2. Help to educate people! When a child approaches my dog I will make every effort to teach them the right way to approach a dog, no matter how small the canine may be.
3. Volunteer. I will give one hour of my time to the Wellington SPCA's Dog Squad, raising awareness and funds to help the animals in their care.
4. Take pictures of some shelter dogs to help them find a new home.
5. Raise over $100 for Digby's Bacon Drive**!

I told Digby all about the 13 project, and why it's important - he didn't know about all of the dogs out there who didn't have a loving family to spend their days with. This really spoke to Digby, and so he's asked me to help all of the dogs living their lives in a shelter to party big before they meet their new family!

I asked him what he loved most about living in a family and he said "Bacon!" (why was I surprised?) so I've decided to start a campaign to bring bacon to the animals who are living at the Wellington, New Zealand SPCA.

Treats are one of those little extras that shelter dogs don't get enough of, so while I try to find a way to help them find homes we're putting the word out to you, Digby's online friends. We'd like to buy them some treats. Not just any treats, but the best kind - bacon!

By contributing to Digby's bacon drive you'll be bringing a dog over in our little corner of the word a happiness that they will surely be missing. We'll make sure to photograph the final result - Digby delivering the bacon to his friends at the SPCA just in time for Christmas.

And now I'm putting a challenge to you: Can you do just one thing to help just one dog? Let me know how you plan to help out and challenge me to do the same. Digby wanted you to know that sending him treats totally counts!

**To donate visit http://digbyvanwinkle.chipin.com/the13project


  1. Digby's Bacon Drive - love it! You hit the nail on the head about The 13 Project - "The idea of the 13 project is not for one person to make a whole lot of difference, but for a whole lot of people to make a difference for even one animal." That's exactly the purpose behind it. Thank you so much for joining and making a difference! :)

    1. And thank YOU for inspiring me :) Glad to be involved - Digby can't wait to share his bacon.

  2. Hey Digby, how are you? Haven't seen you round the hood lately. Have you moved? Are you still doing the Sunday beach sessions? Let me know.

    Great cause and I'm keen to get involved too. My Mum is a journalist and PR consultant so will get her to spread the word through her networks.

    Bristol the Wonderdog

    1. Thanks heaps Bristol!

      Unfortunately we moved this weekend - up to wadestown. We have a forest in the back yard though so can't complain about that! We could have fit the old house in this place twice.

      Still meeting on Sundays but we've been kicked off the beach now that it's warm. Do you still have the facebook page? We post updates there.

      Look after Mt Vic for me!

      Thanks for the offer of help with the bacon drive. We've got heaps already but could use all the help we can get! I think we're at around $150 so good, but we can do better. We're running it until the end of November.

      Hope to see you at the park sometime!

  3. This is completely inspiring and I want to do more to help with dogs in my area. Are Digby and Alo adopted?

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