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Friday 25 May 2012

Pet Submissions 25 May 2012

I couldn't help but start with this gorgeous lady, who Digby and I will have the pleasure of playing with (again) this weekend. This is Bambi displaying a Griffon's greatest talent - the ability to fetch things that actually fit in their mouths. Digby has several mini versions of big dog balls, but sticks always come out on top with his smushy little face. Follow @ashutchings on instagram for more griffony adventures.

Charlie here is demonstrating the art of snoozing.

It seems that we are having a very Griffon-heavy week this week (although I'm not complaining so you shouldn't either!). Flash has a little pouty face that everyone should be jealous of.

This dashing Jack Russell is Morris. That's a stick fit for a king! Nice fetch there.

Kobi here is a German Shepherd from Australia. What is it about Australia? They have such cute dogs there.

Macadoodle (or Mac to his friends) seems to understand the concept of a pillow... He just doesn't seem to realise there's two GIANT ONES behind him.

These three beautiful (and one grumpy) face belong to Murphy, Matty and Molly.

PinkkSugarr_xo on Instagram sent this one in. Could you ever say no to those eyes??

This special pal of Digby's is @pradapuppy on Instagram. Go look at his pictures because he is seriously cute! That smile could melt butter.

This is one angry looking face! To see more follow @Renizzle526 in IG.

 There's something absolutely perfect about this little face. @Rizzo knows how to work those eyes.

Is it just me who noticed Ruby's super pink tongue? Follow @heulwenhydref for more.

I told you the post was Griffon heavy this week. This is Sadie from California and she is a stunner!

There's a real hierarchy going on with Stella the dog and Rusty the cat. There's a clear winner and loser in this scenario.

And we have to finish with an adorable snaggletooth - this one belongs to Teddy the Frenchie mix.


  1. Murphy, Matty, and Molly are on insta too! Method_acting :)

  2. How can you enter to get your dog on here?