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Monday 28 May 2012

Ask Digby - Abby the human!

One of Digby's Instagram friends has an all too common problem, and Digby would like to help. Abby has asked what she should do if she's being bullied?

Hello Abby!

Firstly, I am sorry that someone is being not so nice to you. I'm not sure why people like to be so mean but I think I have a few great ideas for you.

Sometimes dogs can be mean, too. There are times when I'm at the beach there are some not so nice pups there. When dogs are mean to me at the beach I just run away, because I am really fast and they have trouble keeping up with me. Usually I run to my parents and they deal with the bully! Then again, some people (and pups) can't run as fast as I can so they need to come up with another solution. I saw a pug at the beach once who dealt with an annoying chihuahua in an ingenious way! He just sat down and ignored the other dog until he got bored and trotted off to harass someone else. 

I think that the main things you have to remember are that biting back will just end with you getting hurt and make the situation much worse because the bully will fight back too. You can either run away and hide behind someone you know will protect you or ignore it until the bully gets bored. You can be the pug, or you can be like me. Both options are perfectly acceptable and commendable as far as I'm concerned!

Let me know how you go.

- Digby

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