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Thursday 13 September 2012

Ask Digby - Katherine and Buddy!

 Buddy - @tiptop1997

Hi Digby,

I notice that in some of the pictures you post on instagram that you have a Dog harness.

Should I get my dogs a harness for walks or should I just keep using their collars? I just didn't know if one was better than the other or they are both the same


Dear Katherine,

Thanks for writing to me! Personally, I much prefer a harness for a number of reasons. They're stylish, fun, and not so harsh on my little neck. My collar is good for holding my ID tags though - an important part of my everyday couture. It's all about accessories, after all.

Small dogs like us Griffons have very delicate necks and if we're dragged around on a lead attached to a collar it can lead to a number of problems, like a collapsed trachea or in extreme cases the pressure can cause eye injuries. Ouch! Buddy looks like the sensible type but if he does pull on his lead (or like to patrol his street in style!) you could consider getting a harness. I recommend Puppia soft mesh harnesses which are comfortable and breathable. Then again, I always want to look my best so I put style ahead of everything else. Maybe that's why I love harnesses so much.

Let's put it this way. A stylish harness makes it impossible not to walk with your head held high. When you look good you feel good and when you feel good you've probably just eaten some bacon! I can only conclude that a nice harness = bacon. How could you argue with that?

Give buddy a big bum sniff for me - and maybe a little bacon too.

Licks and woofs,


*Announcing our first guest advice columnist, Ginny the Jack Russel Terrier! If you have a question for Ginny email digby@digbyvanwinkle.com with "Dear Ginny" in the subject line! 


  1. Sprout the Griffon loves wearing one if her cute harnesses - it's the only way any self-respecting dog should be seen.

    1. Dogs with fashion sense can never have just one. Then they'd have to wear the same thing two days in a row!