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Wednesday 22 August 2012

Ask Digby: Laura the Human

Dear Digby,

How can you get a scared doggy to sleep through the night? We've had epic problems with Pica being scared of the smoke alarm and now thunder and lightening.

- Laura the human

 Pica and Ludo courtesy of @dogsofdesire on instagram

Hello Laura!

I remember you. Do you remember me? We ran and played at the park once. It was fun. It would have been better if you gave me bacon though but I understand your reasons not to (Pica likes to eat a lot and she told me that you don't have any spare bacon in your house).

Now that we have the formalities out of the way I'll address your question. If replacing the battery in the smoke alarm isn't an option then maybe you could try giving Pics some yummy food every time the smoke alarm bleeps. That might get hard on you though, seeing as you won't be able to sleep or leave the house or use the shower because you'll be on constant food duty.

I think Pica needs to have a place to feel safe. Take me, for example. Sometimes I feel like I need to protect the house and my parents from the mean people who dare to pass our house. I bark at them from time to time and boy, it gets exhausting. When they tell me to go to bed it means I get to go into my crate and get a break. I don't bark while I'm in there because I know I'm safe in bed out here in the living room while they're safe in bed in the other room. It's the time I like to just relax and reflect on a busy day of chasing my tail, licking where my testicles used to be and contemplating how to get the bacon off the counter (I'll get it... soon).

I also have a thundershirt. It makes me feel a little safer when we're walking in the city so maybe Pica would benefit from one of those?

The only other option I can see is sending her to stay with us for a week. We can have sleepovers and talk about bacon and I'll send her back a new dog! Promise! Can you make sure to pack her tutu though? It looks yummy on her.

Please send me some bacon.

- Digby

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